Thursday, 10 March 2011

Blog hunting

So I went on my first blog hunting adventure, it turned out to be a lot colder and wetter than all the pretty sunny pictures on everyone else's blogs.

This is a bike. I found it in the trees behind my building. I had hoped it would carry me on my way to blogging adventures, hope sunk when it was frozen into the ground, rose when the pedals turned, and was abandoned when I discovered the tires had no air.

Then I decided the best place to find some blog would be the Charles Street bus terminal. No blog there, just cold wet shoes.

I found this guy though, he seemed friendly, even crawled back down from the top of the tree to get his picture taken.

Here's a bit more text, just to make everything look nice and balanced, and so you guys don't fall into a big empty space while you're reading.

I decided blog hunting might be a bit more fun with another person. So, your names have all been entered into a random* lottery, when your name is drawn it's your turn to help me find some blog. (*lottery results may not be completely random)


  1. wow you found some great little blogs out there in the world! do you think you could find some blogs about inter-galactic things for next time? or do ya just get what you blog, you know, blog what you get?

  2. It seems like you blog what you get, but if you blog hunt inter-galacticly it seems more likely to find inter-galactic blog-stuffs. Any one up for some inter-galactic blog hunting?

  3. nice work! it was a wet day wasn't it...